Company Goals

New Zealand Insulators has two primary goals:

  1. To double the size of our business - to NZ$12mill sales, target timing for this is confidential.
  2. To have a thriving, sustainable business when our Centenary comes around - which is 2024.

If we achieve those goals, it'll mean we will have done the thousand small things required to ensure NZI is a business of excellence.

Along the way we'd also like to try and achieve some of the following:

We'd like to see hire more local staff (we've done well in that regard recently).

We'd like to grow our product offering, both NZI brand - and international agencies (we've been adding considerably to our range each Catalogue).

We'd like to invest in selected automation to assist our international competitiveness (same, working on it).

And we'd like to be put back a little more into our local community.

Worthy objectives, yes, but first we're getting busy with goal 1, the rest will follow along.

Question - why are we making such sensitive information freely available? Most companies are paranoid about secrecy & confidentiality.

Answer - you tend to get what you wish for, so if we say it straight, and tell everyone exactly what we need ... they might give us a hand.

If you're in a position to help NZI, please do.