Prevent ground rot in wooden utility poles

  • Long lasting patented sleeves
  • Easy application to new or existing poles
  • Non-toxic

In the Electricity distribution and telecommunication sectors across New Zealand treated wooden poles have been a choice for many years. Wooden poles are a material that is widely available, easy to work with and environmentally friendly, however they’re not without their problems.

Pole saver prevents rot in wooden polesOver time Wooden poles decay due to their exposure to the soil below the ground. In the first 300mm below the ground the wooden pole has a very strong tenancy to rot and deteriorate as a result of organisms in the soil.  At this point the pole is also exposed to the greatest mechanical loading – so decay is not a good thing!

Would you like your poles to last longer?

Using Polesaver sleeves to prevent ground rot is a safe and simple economic solution – stop delaying the inevitable which commonly occurs in treated wooden poles. Polesaver is a protection sleeve for a pole that will prevent ground rot in utility poles.

The alternative to polesaver is to relay on the toxic wood preservative but overtime the pole will decay due to the leaching an oxidation of the surrounding soil caused by the toxic preservative.

Effective and non-toxic composite sleeves

Polesaver is the answer to protecting a wooden pole, below the ground, ensuring the pole remains mechanically sound over the lifetime of the pole.  It is a very simple solution, with outstanding results!

The protective pole sleeve is non-toxic, long-lasting and tough enough to withstand any attack from organisms within the soil.  It is very easy to install – the sleeve is heat welded to the wooden poles, creating a protective barrier from rot and decay.

Also protects steel poles!

Polesaver can also be applied to steel poles to extend the life of the pole.  If the soil is corrosive surrounding the steel pole, then the pole can be damaged.  The composition of materials used within the polesaver sleeve create a corrosion inhibitor on steel posts, poles & lamp standards to prevent in ground corrosion and rust

Where can you find Polesaver and Postsaver in New Zealand?

Patented in New Zealand and Australian markets, NZI is the agent for Polesaver and Postsaver.  To find out more about protecting your wooden and steel poles contact the team at NZ Insulators