Fulton Industries (Gosford, New South Wales) are a privately-owned business specialising in products for MV Distribution and HV Transmission.

Earthing, Connectors, Hardware, Underground Distribution, Substation/Transmission Fittings - Fulton products have a reputation for design excellence and reliability.

In their own words - "We pride ourselves on quality products and service and have done for years. Our dedication to Australian design and manufacturing is proven and ongoing."

NZI distributes Fulton products in New Zealand, with an emphasis on Fulton's top-end earthing suite, as well as their comprehensive Fulton clamps/connector range.

The Fulton 500micron copper-clad earth rods are a stand-out product range, with at least twice the copper thickness of any other earth rod offered in New Zealand. Apples-with-apples the Fulton copper-clad Earth Rod is a technically superior product to other clad or plated rods. Cost a little more, on face value, but not if the in-service lifetime of the various earth rods are considered.

Earth Rods are not simple commodities which Networks can simply buy on price.

NZI & Fulton have also jointly released a 25-70mm ECW-1 Wedge Clamp which has gained momentum through NZ Networks.

To download the Fulton pages in NZI's 2024 Catalogue click here.
The Fulton website is www.fultonindustries.com.au

Please email David Glackin - david.glackin@nzinsulators.co.nz or Chris van der Werff - chris@nzinsulators.co.nz to discuss, get samples, or request a quote on Fulton Industries products.