NZI was appointed as the exclusive New Zealand agent & distributor of GIG glass insulators in 2012 and strong sales have continued since then..

The Global Insulator Group (GIG) is a global leader in glass, with significant plants in Ukraine & Russia.

Based in Kiev, Ukraine, GIG is an example of a former state-owned Russian business now manufacturing for all parts of the world.

GIG have impeccable standards in glass & metalwork manufacture, and GIG is certainly a brand consistent with NZI's own product positioning.

Their website is

The GIG pages from the 2023 NZI catalogue can be downloaded here

Transmission is GIG's primary market, and their catalogue can be downloaded here and fittings catalogue here

Please email David Glackin - or Chris van der Werff - to discuss, get samples, and/or request a quote on GIG discs.